About Rebel Speak

I developed this website using common web technologies, such as html, css, javascript, php, xml and Actionscript in Flash . I did most of the programming myself, but occasionally made use of free ready made scripts to save time. After all, there's no use reinventing the wheel. No content management system was used as I initiated this project to use, improve and extend my existing skills and knowledge. The artwork consists of cartoons drawn by me and the other artwork I created using Blender , Poser , Gimp and Photoshop . Poser is a very useful programme for creating scenes with human figures, despite the fact that much of the clothing is orientated toward creating sexy, female figures. With a bit of tweaking and manipulation it was possible to create figures that don't always portray the female sexual stereotype. For the audio tracks I recorded friends and acquaintances of mine, some native speakers, some not. I edited the tracks using the Open Source software Audacity .

The website is optimised for Firefox, but works well in Internet Explorer, Flock, Opera and Safari. There seem to be some minor glitches with Google Chrome. The latest Flash Player and Quicktime plugin , or equivalent, should be installed and javascript enabled to enjoy the full functionality of this website. Optimal screen resolution for the site is 1024x768. A good internet connection would also be good.

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