About Rebel Speak

I, the author and designer of this website, am a native English speaker and grass-roots political activist who has been teaching English in Germany for the last ten years. I studied multimedia and web design. I was born in Britain and, therefore, have a natural preference for British english. I undertook this vast project as my contribution to and support of the DIY- , non-profit movement, having myself benefited greatly from this movement, including from Open Source software, over the years. There are numerous websites available that teach English, many of which are free, but they are often uninteresting or irrelevant to those of us that live more alternative, political lifestyles. With this project I have managed to combine my passions for languages, politics, history, web design and web programming, which has made this website fun and challenging to develop.

I have tried to do everything myself, especially the technical aspects and artwork, as much as possible. I've used many reading texts from other sources, due to the limitations of time. I've linked to other free English learning resources, where relevant or useful, to give the user the opportuntinity for further practice. I believe in fully utilizing the potential of the web to link to useful information and creating networks. Although I thouroughly check external sites before linking to them, I cannot guarantee and bear no responsiblity for any of these sites.

I welcome any feedback, criticism, praise, corrections or offers of large sums of cash, which you can send to me via the contact form or info[at]rebel-speak.de.

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