Going to a political meeting

Lisa arrived punctually at the meeting against the government cut-backs in health and education. Only a few people had already arrived there, but she soon learnt that other people were coming. She was a bit annoyed that some people always turned up late. She smoked a cigarette outside with a couple of other people until enough people arrived to start the meeting. The first part of the meeting was dominated by Max and and Jill, who seemed oblivious to the other people at the meeting. Lisa finally managed to get a word in, but Max ridiculed her idea, saying it would never work. When Lisa complained that they weren't giving the others an opportunity to participate, Jill got a bit aggressive claiming she always did so much and how important she was to the group. Lisa was infuriated when Jill claimed she never did anything and should leave the organizing to the serious activists. Carl stepped in to calm things down and offered to facilitate the meeting. Jill reluctantly agreed after a few people threatened to leave the meeting if she didn't.

The rest of the meeting was more productive. They discussed how they were going to get to the big demonstation in London next week and about possible tactics. They would hire a minibus and Carl and Dave would drive. The majority agreed that the demo should be peaceful, although they would defend themselves, if the cops attacked. The police attacked the last demo with cs gas and truncheons and several people were injured. A couple of people were totally against violence under any circumstances and some others wanted to give the cops a good kicking. They also decided what to do, if someone in their group was arrested and would contact a good solicitor. The meeting ended after two hours. Most of the participants went to the nearby pub. Jill ignored Lisa the whole time they were there, but Lisa didn't care, as she couldn't stand Jill, who she thought was a stuck-up.

Are the following sentences true or false: