Going to a demonstration

John and Danna arrived at the starting point of the demo. Several hundred people had already gathered there. Danna wanted to find Dave, but she couldn't see him yet. There were already quite a few police in the side streets, hanging around their vans looking bored, John and Danna greeted some friends of theirs and stopped to chat with them for a while. Soon the number of demo participants had grown to over a thousand.

Many different groups were represented there: black-clad, mean-looking anarchists; dancing, dreadlocked hippies; sombre-looking members of the Socialist Workers Party , trying to sell their papers to an uninterested audience. There was also an old, bearded guy on a home-made bicycle with a sound-system attached to the back, which was blasting out loud reggae music. There was a sea of anti-fascist placards, including many Socialist Workers Party placards with the name of the party ripped off. The majority of people who were carrying them didn't want to be associated with the authoritarian Trotskyist organisation, although the found some of the slogans like 'Nazis out!' and 'Black and white unite' to be acceptable. Besides, they hadn't got around to making their own.

After about half an hour the demo organizers announced through a megaphone that the demonstration was about to begin in five minutes. John and Danna pushed their way to the front where there was an anarcho-punk block. Danna was happy to find Dave there.

Are the following sentences true or false: