Going to a concert

Yesterday evening Emma went to a concert and now she's lying in bed with a hangover. She vaguely remembers having a good time last night. She met a couple of friends, Jane and Mike at the King's Head pub and had a couple of pints there. After that they went to a concert at the Black and Red club, which used to be a squat, but is now a non-commercial concert venue run by an anarchist collective. At first Emma thought the £8.00 entrance price was too much and tried to get in cheaper, but Mike pointed out that eight quid for four bands was pretty reasonable nowadays. So Emma paid her money and got a stamp on the back of her hand. First of all they went to the bar, which was pretty crowded. Emma got annoyed, as she is rather small and a few people pushed in front of her. To make matters worse, the woman with green and red dreadlocks behind the bar seemed more interested in flirting than serving beer. Finally she got a beer, which was quite cheap, and decided to see the first band Extinction of Mankind .

After a couple of minutes she got bored, as she didn't really like crust-punk. She found it too noisy for her liking. She was happy to see Janine, who had just bought a drink at the bar and didn't have the same problem getting served as Emma, because she was quite a bit taller. She spoke to Janine for quite a while and suddenly realized that the second band, Disorder , had already started to play. She liked hardcore-punk and felt like dancing, so she drank up her beer and elbowed her way to the the front. Unfortunately, she only managed to dance for the first three minutes, as some macho punks in studded-leather jackets were pogo dancing very aggressively. After being elbowed in the breasts a few times and pushed off the dance floor once, she decided to give up. She was lucky she left the dance floor when she did, as a couple of minutes later a punch-up broke out on the dance floor. The band stopped playing and refused to continue until the violence had ended. As a result one of the studded-leather jacket wearing punks was ejected rather roughly from the premises. The third band, a crust band called Doom , played without any trouble.

As Emma didn't like crust she decided to sit down and smoke a roll-up. As she was rolling her cigarette a long haired rather out of it looking bloke sat down next to her and tried to chat her up. Firstly she tried to be friendly, politely refusing an offer of a swig of his Special Brew, but as it became clear that being friendly was only encouraging him, she started to get angry with him and told him to leave her alone. This didn't seem to have much effect, either, so she got up to go. The long-haired man also rose, but, luckily, at that point Simon, who Emma had been hoping to see all night, came along and she instantly forgot the drunk guy, who had been bothering her. She bought Simon a drink and they went to watch the last band together, Oi Polloi . After the band she drank some more beer and some whiskey with Simon and some of her friends. The rest of the evening was a bit of a blur.

Are the following sentences true or false: