Finding a squat

Despite the new anti-squatting laws coming into effect, Gina, Molly and Seth are looking for a squat, as rent is far too high in London. They are aware that it had become a criminal offense to squat a residential building, so they had been searching for somewhere that didn't fall into that category. They had found an old building that used to be a bakery, but had been standing empty for a couple of years. They went into the backyard, which was littered with empty beer cans and fag ends. The walls facing the yard were covered in graffiti. Molly managed to prise open a window in the backyard without causing too much damage. Gina told the others they would have to repair it so that the police couldn't do them for criminal damage. She had brought a bag of tools with her including a new lock, some screwdrivers, chisels and saws. She used to be an apprentice carpenter, so she said she wouldn't have a problem doing the necessary stuff. Seth pinned a legal warning on the front door informing the police and anyone else who called by that the building had been squatted and that they knew their legal rights. He also mentioned to the others that there would always have to be at least one of them present on the premises, because as long as someone was there the owner couldn't enter and evict them. Frank, Zoe and Robin would be joining them later that day, so they could easily make sure someone was there at all times. The owner would have to go through the appropriate legal proceedings to evict them. Gina checked the water and electricity supplies, which, of course, were both turned off. She would call the utility companies the next day to get the place reconnected. Seth reminded her not to mention that they were squatting, as these companies weren't obliged to supply them and would probably refuse to do so if the knew. Meanwhile Molly was getting to know the neighbours, an Asian family, who lived to the left of them. The house on the right was empty with a for sale sign in the window. The family didn't seem bothered about them moving in, as it might deter some of the kids that hung around in the backyard smoking, drinking and listening to loud music. Molly hoped they wouldn't get any trouble from the youths.

Are the following sentences true or false: