Dressing for a demonstration

John got out of the shower, dried himself and went back to his bedroom wearing his bathrobe. He then began to dress himself for the demonstration later that day. The Nazis wanted to march through his town that day and there was no way way that John was going to let that happen undisturbed. He took off his bathrobe and took a pair of white pants, with black skulls on them, out of the top drawer. He put them on quickly and then put on his favourite pair of socks, which had the St. Pauli logo on them. He put on a pair of black jeans with a black imitation-leather belt. He couldn't decide whether to wear his 'Good Night White Pride' or his 'Smash Fascism' T-shirt.

He finally decided on the latter. Of course, he had to wear his black hooded top, which was very practical, as it covered his head and kept his ears warm. He put on a pair of trainers, which he thought would be better than boots, because he could run faster in them, if the police were after him. He didn't want to take his backpack with him, as it could get in the way, so he put on his bum bag, which was more convenient for a demo. Before he left his room he put a black neck scarf in his bum bag, which he could use to cover his face, if it kicked off at the demo. He didn't like all those cameras filming him the whole time. Finally, he put a pair of sunglasses into his bum bag, which he could use to conceal his identity, but most importantly to look cool. He left his bedroom and went to the kitchen, where his flatmate Danna was already eating breakfast.

Are the following sentences true or false: