Different meanings

Many words have more than one meaning, depending on whether they are verbs (v), nouns (n), or adjectives (a). Which of the three words isn't a meaning of the word in the left column?

1. invalid to destroy something (v) a disabled person(n) void (a)  
2. desert to run away from (v) a barren wilderness (n) alone (a)  
3. refuse to decline (v) garbage (n) annoyed (a)  
4. present to give (v) a gift (n) valuable (a)  
5. content to fill up (v) subject matter (n9 happy (a)  
6. contract get something contagious (v) a legal agreement (n) solid and compact (a)  
7. minute to shrink (v) sixty seconds (n) tiny (a)  
8. object to disapprove (v) a thing (n) concrete (a)  

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