Past tenses

Grammar note
We use the past simple to tell a story in chronological order.
I went to the bar, bought a pint of beer, then drank it.
We use the past continuous to talk about activities that were in progress at a particular time. We use it to describe 'background' activities when we are telling a story.
When I left the party the sun was already shining and the birds were singing.
I was drinking a pint, when Nancy arrived.

Choose the correct form of the verb.

1.John walked into the wall, because he where he was going.
2.When John walked into the wall, he his nose.
3.I a film, when Mary came home. We watched the rest of it together.
4.I a film before I went to bed.
5.It when I
6.Lucy an e-mail when the computer .
7. when I called you last night?
8.I the bathroom and Tim when the doorbell rang.


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