Verb tenses

Which verb tense is used in each sentence? The past simple (Past), present perfect simple (PPS), or the present perfect continuous (PPC).

1. John Lennon wrote the song . Past PPS PPC
2. Bad Religion has recorded 15 albums. Past PPS PPC
3. Bad Religion has been making music since 1979. Past PPS PPC
4. Have you ever drunk rum? Past PPS PPC
5. Did you drink much last night? Past PPS PPC
6. How many festivals have you been to this year? Past PPS PPC
7. Did you go to the Glastonbury Festival last year? Past PPS PPC
8. Look! Somebody's smashed the window. Past PPS PPC
9. The USA has Invaded Iran. Past PPS PPC
10. I've been waiting for you for ages! Past PPS PPC
The correct answers are marked green and the incorrect ones marked red.

You can find more information and exercises comparing the past simple and present perfect at - PS & PP and the present perfect simple and continuous at - PPS & PPC.

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