Verb tenses

Match the verb tense with the correct sentence.

1. Present simple Jerry plays rugby. Fred is dancing. Frank has been swimming.  
2. Present continuous Jeff speaks Spanish. Mia has been running. Leila is singing.  
3. Past simple He was watching TV.. She went home. Jo had already done it.  
4. Past continuous I was sleeping when she rang.. I had finished when she called. I slept well.  
5. Present perfect. He is driving too fast. She cycled to work. Somebody has broken the window.  
6. Present perfect continuous She is playing the violin. She has been living here for two years. Bob was cleaning his room.  
7. Past perfect She has finished the task. Anna cooked dinner. He had made coffee by the time I arrived.  
8. Present continuous Guss was downloading a movie. Mary is talking to Sven. Marcia makes jewellry.  
9. Past continuous Nat was playing darts when I saw him. Emma had already made the dinner. Gloria broke the chair.  
10. Present perfect Mark laughs a lot. Wayne has cleaned the toilet. Claire is riding her bike.  
The correct answers are marked green and the incorrect ones marked red.

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