Song lyrics

Listen the the song Sons of Witches by Under the Gun and put the missing words into the lyrics.


Sons of witches

Well you can call us sons of witches but we still see through your plans
to and dominate, exploit your fellow man
we'll hate you with a , to love you never learn
you are the characters from history who set our mothers to

It's in the history of a nation just look at what it's done
burnt its wise women as witches leaving us the ones
who our daughters but didn't kill our sons
who what you sow, as your kingdom comes

These Christian men what hell they raise as cultures set ablaze
in our heart we feel their pains and hear their through the flames
saying live how you live, love who you can
but don't start a war, with the Irish man

Vocab exercise
Many thanks to Under the Gun for letting me use their song.
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