Correcting mistakes

Read the following letter. The writer isn't very good at English and has made many mistakes. Find the mistakes.

Dear Fred,

I write to tell you I come next week to see you. We don't have seen us since a long time. I'm stay for two week. It gives a punk festival on the first weekend I'm visiting you. Me like to go there. You are wanting to go with me? I have big tent, so you have not to bring your. Gus say it will be very good. He has been there in the last year and enjoyed it very much. Say me if the others, Jane, Sandra and Mick, want to go also.

I am being very busy on the building site in the moment. I have many work and have to stand up very early. The job isn't difficult, but I must working much hours. I go out not much, because I try to save money for the travel.

I have now to go. I call you before the next week. We see us soon.


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