Home sweet home

Read the text about Dave's home and put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense. They could be in the active or passive voice.

Living on the road

Dave Gibson's home isn't a usual house. He has rejected the conventional way of living and has chosen to live on the road in a caravan.

Dave was fed up with his job in a factory and his small damp bedsit in Birmingham, so when he heard that somebody (sell) an old caravan for next to nothing, he jumped at the opportunity and (buy) it. The caravan (pull) by his old Ford transit van in which he stores a lot of his belongings. He still it (do up) at the moment.

Many people find it strange that he has chosen to live in a caravan, but he (think) it's a great way to live. "I've got a lot more freedom than when I lived in the city. I have wood burner for the winter and in summer it's great travelling from site to site, meeting new people. A friend (suggest) it while we were in the pub. I think he (joke), but the idea really (appeal) to me. It was just the change I (look) for."

Dave is 41. He has a 19-year-old daughter, Meg, who really (enjoy) travelling around with him for a few weeks in the summer. She (help) her father to renovate the caravan recently. The caravan (paint) by Meg and a friend at the moment. Dave hopes it will be ready for the travelling season.

Since he bought the caravan, several friends (call) him, asking if they could go travelling with him. Sometimes he lets them go with him to festivals, but only if his daughter and her friends are not travelling with him at the time.

The caravan was in a bad state when he first saw it , as it (use) for several years. It (build) in the seventies and is of a solid and stable construction, so he (have to) do much work on the structure. He (pay) fifty quid for it it two years ago, but (spend) another £1000 or so on it since then to bring it up to scratch.

"I'm finally happy, away from the grips of a materialistic society."

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