Active and passive

Complete the following tables with the correct form of the verb repair.

  Active Passive
Present simple He repairs bikes. The bike is repaired regularly.
Present continuous He his bike at the moment. The bike now.
Past simple I the cd player yesterday evening. The CD player yesterday evening.
Past continuous She the toaster when I last saw her. The toaster when I came down for breakfast.
Will - future I the table tomorrow. The table later.
Present perfect Somebody the clock. Look, the clock .
Past perfect Jim the DVD player when I got home. The DVD player when I arrived home.

Not all verb tenses appear in the table as they aren't normally used in the passive, for example. the present perfect continuous. We don't use - The bike has been being repaired. We would either use the simple form - Has been repaired, or the active form - Somebody has been repairing the bike.

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