Various idioms 1

What do the following idiomatic expressions mean? Choose the correct meaning.

1. To get your act together.   Adams ale
To do something yourself.
To put everything into place.
To become serious and organized.

2. Adam's ale.  
Strong beer.

3. Action stations!   Action stations
A warning to run and hide.
A warning to get ready for something.
A command to attack.

4. To aid and abet.  
Assisting in a crime without taking part in the actual crime itself.
To help someone fincially in the knowledge you won't get the money back.
To assist someone who is in a life threatening situation.

5. To keep up appearances.   Keeping up appearances
To maintain a public impression of prosperity and success, altough the opposite is true.
To continue supporting something no matter what happens.
To be totally overdressed for a situation.

6. To be tied to someone's apron strings.  
To be madly in love with someone.
To be dependent on or dominated by someone.
To be unable to avoid doing a task you do not wish to do.


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